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Everglades III: American Crocociles and Alligators

Notice the stumpy snout and the lack of teeth showing

On my visit to the Everglades, I was surprised to learn that the U.S. does have crocodiles. In the Everglades, they live in the salt water. Alligators, on the other hand, live in the fresh water. Yyou can find both of them in one location in the Everglades but, we didn’t visit there.

 However, I was able to get close and photo one crocodile and several alligators. Not only are their snouts different, but crocodiles have more teeth that stick outside of their mouths when their mouths are closed.

Notice the pointy snout and visible teeth.

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Everglades, Part II

When looking at the cypress grove from outside of it, you would imagine that the ground will be higher. But au contraire, I was about 5 inches deeper than when I was in the river of grass.

Here I am in the cypress grove.

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Everglades Part I

This is where we swamp slogged. I'm looking toward the cypress grove, which is our destination

The Everglades was my first destination while at the Society for Environmental Journalists conference in Miami in October. A day trip had us out slogging through the swamp and up close to alligators, crocodiles and pythons. The first photos I am going to post are of the River of Grass and me standing in the cypress grove.

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Join me

Tajikistan is the catalyst for this blog and the inspiration for its name. David and I will arrive in mid January. But before we go, I have to pick up basic blogging and multimedia skills. So, the first few posts will be about travel from this fall. And did I mention, that before Tajikistan, we are spending time in Istanbul?

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