Hagia Sophia 2 of 3

Designed by geometricians, Hagia Sofia’s dome is particularly spectacular. It is supposed to look as if it is being held aloft by a string from the heavens and just lightly resting on the church itself. One of the primary ways this is achieved is that at base of the dome is a series of windows all the way around. Rick Steeves points out that the dome is so tall and wide that Notre Dame in Paris could fit under it and the Statue of Liberty could do jumping jacks there (although not both at the same time).


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4 thoughts on “Hagia Sophia 2 of 3

  1. Sara Pfannkuche

    Most excellent photo. This dome is why I’m visiting you. It’s my excuse to see Hagia Sophia. These are great posts and the photographs should be framed.

    • I don’t remember if I gave credit for the photos. David took the Hagia Sophia dome and of the seraphim. I took the one of Zoe.

  2. dave sennerud

    Looks and sounds impressive. Hope all is well.

    BTW, I know there is a time difference, but why do your recent posts say they are from Sept. 2012!


  3. The date is how the rest of the world does it — the day first, then the month and then the year. I believe that only the US puts the month first, although I could easily be wrong about that.

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