National Museum of Antiquities

Here are a few other photos from the National Museum of Antiquities, including the scabbard with the lion and “dear” and an example of how some of the items are displayed on styrofoam

National Museum of Antiquities, Dushanbe, Akinak's scabbard with lion & deer, ivory, Takhti Sangin 6-5th c BC

Many of the small items in the National Museum of Antiquities in Dushanbe are mounted on styrofoam, including these items from ancient Bunjikat.

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2 thoughts on “National Museum of Antiquities

  1. Sara Pfannkuche

    So I may try to “steal” these photos for my collection methods class. Styraphoam actually isn’t that bad, especially if you aren’t a rich museum. Granted, it is not the best but there are much worse. In fact, I know a little museum that tries its best to do what it can for their artifacts but still has a lot of styraphoam around… My students will love these! Oh yeah, much better mounts than I found in Morocco!

    • Steal away. The natural history museum was a combination of good and bad as well. The stuffed Flora are pretty sad, the carpets are tattered, the paintings hung so the windows cast glare, etc. But as you indicate, this is a poor country, and they are doing the best they can. Given their circumstances, I’d say they are doing pretty darn good.

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