Numbers and Days

Dushanbe means Monday. The city is “artificial” in that the Soviets decided it would be the capital, and it was just a little crossroads with a Monday market. As a result, many of the roads are in a grid and there is a planned look to the place because of the color scheme of the buildings.

I started to learn the numbers, and as a result, learned the days. Friday is Juma. Saturday is Shanbe (pronounced shan-bay). Sunday is Yukshanbe, yuk means one. Monday is Dushanbe, du means two. Tuesday is Seshanbe, se means three. I bet you have figured out the pattern by now. Wednesday is Chorshanbe and chor means four. Thursday is Penjshanbe, five. Of course, all these names are in Cyrrilic, which I am learning bit by bit to read. I get practice when identifying streets and reading labels in our grocery store.

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