Panshanbe Market, Khujand

Panshanbe Market, Khujand, Feb. 25, 2012

A bunny at a toy store on the second floor terrace of Panshanbe Market in Khujand has its back to the large hall behind her, filled mostly with food stalls. Photo by David Sears.

Our first independent expedition into one of the best-stocked markets in Central Asia (according to Lonely Planet) was Saturday. We had a few goals – find some plastic serving trays that were not too ugly, get a small plastic stool so I could sit down in the shower, find a plastic cup that even I can’t break for the bathroom, and to take photos. We were successful except for the plastic cup. In a land of plastic items from China, it is difficult to find cups and glasses that are not china or glass. What surprised me the most, however, is that we could walk through the market without any merchants accosting us. It is difficult to walk through the market because the aisles are narrow and, at least on a Saturday afternoon, throngs of people are out shopping. But the merchants leave you alone unless you ask them about their products.

David was taking most of the photos, and the photos on this post are his, unless otherwise notes.

The pink market with arches and domes was built in 1954 on a large square.

The 1954 building spans the south side of the city’s central square.

The pink and green theme of the market is reflected in its dome. Photo by Nancy

The first floor of the large hall is mostly food items.

Traditional bread is available everywhere in town, including the Panshanbe Market. Khujand bread is considered one of the best in the country. Photo by Nancy

Spices, seeds and rocks are on sale.

The inside terraces that line the hall are filled with clothes, jewelry, electrical supplies, toys, cosmetics, towels and sheets, and most anything you could find in a department store. It is here that you have the most difficult time moving forward and staying with your companions, through the dense crowd.

The market spills outside the building.

A busy intersection behind the market, including a restaurant where they are cooking kebabs on the outside grill. Photo by Nancy

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One thought on “Panshanbe Market, Khujand

  1. Russell

    All looks clean and nice, and cold. The market looks great, does your phrase book include “is this bread gluten -free?”. More importantly does it include the phrase “Is chocolate sold here?”

    If household goods are coming from China you might find an enamel cup – at least when I was there tin covered with enamel was very common for household bowls, mugs etc

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