International Women’s Day in Khujand, March 8, 2012

 International Women’s Day in the park, Khujand, Tajikistan, March 8, 2012

An overview of International Women’s Day in the park at Khujand. Lots of people, some in traditional outfits, food and fun for the kids. The wall to the park is part of the old fort, which now houses a military base. A soldier with a gun looked down on the festivities. Photo by David Sears



International Women’s Day is a national holiday in Tajikistan and fell on a Thursday this year. But attendance in David’s class on Wednesday and Friday was low, as many students went to their towns and villages for a long weekend. We celebrated Thursday by going to the park in the afternoon and to dinner at the apartment of one of David’s junior colleagues, Farhod. (See a later post)

At the park we saw lots of groups – families, boys, girls, young women, groups of friends. No one seemed to be alone. The temperature is still a bit nippy for the traditional women’s outfits, but we still saw lots of them, often peaking out from under coats. We’ve been told that for Navruz, later this month, and then thereafter we will see more of them as winter coats are shed.

Festivities included the amusement park rides, food, being seen and observing others.

I took the following photos using our small camera.

Friends enjoy the festivities while walking their baby carriages.

Shashlik (grilled meat on a stick) is one of the national dishes you see at most outdoor events.

Cotton candy was mostly for the children.

The girls in this family were wearing traditional clothes.

Leaving the park.


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