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March Trip to Istaravshan, Part 1, Mug Teppe

March Trip to Istaravshan, Part 1, Mug Teppe

During the Navruz holiday, David and I went to Istaravshan with our friend Dildor and one of David’s students, Kaykhusrav Usmonor (I have such a difficult time pronouncing many Tajik names.) It’s about an hour away on a good, two-lane toll road.  Dildor talked with a friend who is a law professor who arranged a private car with driver for us. I have no idea how that worked, considering the driver was not a professional driver. I think he was just a friend of the law professor. It is all a mystery to me! But yet, another example of the fantastic hospitality of the Tajik people we have met (or in this case, not even met.)

Beautiful views of the city of Istaravshan and the Turkestan Mountains from the heights of Mug Teppe, the site of the fort that Alexander the Great stormed in 329 B.C.

Istraravshan is an old city – in 2002 it celebrated its 2500 birthday. It was conquered by Alexander the Great, and our first stop was Mug Teppe, the site of an ancient fort that Alex stormed. The gate was reconstructed in 2002 and not much of the original site is visible, just a few old mounds of dirt, but the views of the city and the surrounding Turkestan mountains are fantastic.

One can glimpse the city through the windows of the gateway.

David took this photo of Mug Teppe from near the Lenin statue on Lenin Street in the town. The zoom lens does not do justice to how tall the hilltop is.

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