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Soviet Plane

Soviet Planes

Our destination for the St.Paddy's Day walk.

St. Patrick’s Day found us taking advantage of the 60 degree, bright blue weather, we walked to the park on the river with a Soviet plane. We can see that plane when we cross the Lenin Street bridge, the one David takes to work every day. It is a ways upstream, and we can see its nose close to the next bridge up – the New Bridge. So that was our destination.

The plane is somewhat like Ithaca, if you know that poem by Constantine P Cavafy. It is a destination and it is the journey that you should be thankful for. The plane is sad. Apparently, it was set up as a café, but hasn’t been used in years. I suspect it was a lively place during Soviet times, but it doesn’t look closed for the season. It looks closed for a decade or more. Right next to it is a rubbish heap.

But, with a couple of interesting short detours, it made for a fine 2½ hour walk.

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